No company or industry can do without IT these days. And thus can become the target of attacks! In order to protect your information, the use of technical protection measures remains indispensable. From planning to implementation, from testing to optimization and debugging, we make sure that your technology is properly used!

As an independent consulting firm, we also support you in already functional IT security environments.

Planning and Design

Do you need support in planning and design of IT security architectures? We help you with the development of technical concepts, feasibility studies and much more.

As a specialist in the field of Public Key Infrastructures (PKI), we plan, integrate and audit these infrastructures.
Examples of applications are:

  • Workflow connections (digital signatures)
  • Encrypted and digitally signed emails
  • Smartcard logon to applications or operating systems
  • Strong authentication, i.e. for Remote Access

Analyses and Audits

Often errors are caused by the interaction of many systems and their respective conditions and states. More and more complex infrastructures make troubleshooting increasingly difficult and tie up resources. Within the scope of technical error analyses, we locate the cause and assist you in resolving it.

We use vulnerability analyses to give you a detailed overview of the status quo of your infrastructure, and to show you the associated risks and recommend appropriate measures.

You want to introduce new systems or software in the field of information security? In cooperation with the customer, we identify the requirements and evaluate potential solutions.

In addition, we conduct audits of your existing ISMS or your data protection organisation and clearly show you what your strengths and weaknesses are and in which areas there is a need for action.


Whether it's web applications, IT infrastructure or employees - all of these resources are targets for attackers that want your data! Pentests show how vulnerable systems and applications - but also employees - really are to cyber attacks! By means of pentests and target-group-oriented reporting, we help you to confirm and continuously improve the security of your systems, applications and processes.


Circular 20/747 of the Luxembourg supervisory authority CSSF makes high demands on all institutions concerned. We deliver a comprehensive in-house solution including integration. A CSV-to-JSON converter is available on request, which converts your CSV data into the required report format.

Emergency manual

An up-to-date emergency manual is available to help you and all employees deal with emergency situations. We help you to create your individual emergency manual - if desired also as an app on your mobile devices


Check your website for GDPR Compliance now! It couldn't be easier: Enter URL and activate with a valid email. Within a few minutes the result will be provided to you.

SITE-Verifier is designed to check the embedded privacy statement of a website for compliance with the GDPR.

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